What has humanity tried to find for thousands of years? 



At this stage – we all must find courage and be brave to read and accept the truth about our genetic history and how it has created the human today!

Let me explain further – Men are humanities ancestral heroes! they’ve fought for humanities survival for thousands of years but through survival men have seen suffering, fear, aggression, fighting, wars, violence, destruction, sexual appetite and all the other known negative traits. And – we STILL continue to see these traits today! Why? because men have built through history a larger genetic part of the brain connected with these issues! That’s why the above traits will continue and increase for the next thousand years or more and eventually create human extinction unless we begin to access another part the brain that can genetically alter and release these traits. Not only for peace, but for advancing all of humanity.

Women on the other hand have a genetic part of their brain connected in the Frontal Lobe to be larger in the areas where we obtain higher states of consciousness – associated with nurturing, compassion, loving-kindness, intuition and altruistic tendencies. However, both men and women still continue with the negative egoistic mind’s memory traits which is permanently holding all of humanity from advancing positively and peacefully – but as you will discover, it’s not all bad news!

However, all men and women have 50% of their memory obtained through genetics and 50% built up through childhood irrational and illogical emotions. Nonetheless, both men and women have a negative part of the subconscious mind’s memory that has built up since childhood. Let me explain further. When we are children our illogical and irrational heart emotions are more powerful, sensitive and vulnerable and so we imagine (and sometimes not just imagine) that our parents do unloving actions and say unloving words. We cannot logically or rationally think as babies but our brains trigger all emotions and store these emotions in our subconscious mind’s memory – and unfortunately most children have more negative illogical and irrational emotions than positive. These emotions build up layers in our memory throughout our lives. The more negative emotions we have the more negative emotions we store in our mind’s memory. Our mind’s memory then becomes permanent. We cannot remove this memory we can only add to it. This permanent mind’s memory then becomes our personality. So when someone says or does something hurtful it triggers this mind’s memory to react using our negative egoistic mind’s memory traits. This negative mind’s memory traits is far more dangerous than we can imagine – and creates all the known negative issues and incidences that still continue today and will continue for the next thousands of years, such as; hurt, hate, jealousy, negative competition, sickness, sleep disturbance, suffering, pain, fear, power struggles, indoctrination, financial power struggles, political power struggles, religious power struggles, social power struggles, corruption, wars, revenge, judgement, control, in fact every known negative trait that is known to humanity is created from this egoistic mind’s memory trait and therefore I prefer to call this the ‘unknowing disease of the subconscious mind’s memory’.

Imagine now that we found methods to release men and women from the negative egoistic traits in our mind’s memory? Refer back now to the differences between men and women’s brains and consider the enormous possibilities if we were to release this part of our egoistic mind’s memory traits?

There are so many hidden gifts that humanity is not even aware of! Hidden treasures that begin with awakening humanity to the real person within! Such as; Why and how our past history has unknowingly created the genetic negative part of the human today. How our personalities develop. How all humanity holds the egoistic part of subconscious mind’s memory that is holding humanity in our primitive minds. How law-of-attraction, routine meditation, positive thinking techniques and all sorts of therapies, even mindfulness cannot make permanent change in the subconscious mind’s memory. How our subconscious mind is the primitive part of our brain. (This is all the negative ‘Science behind Self’)

And now the positive ‘Science behind Self’; How a hidden part of our brain has not yet been accessed in the Western World. How to access this part of the brain affectively to genetically advance humanity. Secrets of the feminine heart principles for accelerated transformation. How user-friendly modern mind-science techniques can support positive evolution. How compassion, loving-kindness, positivity, peace and purity within plays a major part in humanities advancement. How neuroscience and neuroplasticity are also fundamental players in this process of change. How to effectively reach higher states of consciousness. How Quantum and the law of physics can show signs of higher human advancement.

So what has humanity tried to find for thousands of years? – the true authentic connection to the divine energy and peace on earth!

How would you feel if you knew that you had the ability to experience both in your life-time through higher human advancement? Humanity is only just beginning to realise the hidden gifts that we hold within and how we can use these to live in an authentic and peaceful life-path. There is so much that we need to begin to understand about ourselves. Hidden secrets that are also the solutions to finding the authentic connection to the divine energy and peace on earth. Let me explain further – Once humanity is capable of accessing another part of the brain that allows us to live in higher states of consciousness, at this stage we will also be living with the principles of purity of mind, because consciousness can only be accessed through part of the brain that is connected in the Frontal Lobe which is larger in the areas where we obtain higher states of consciousness. In other words, associated with nurturing, compassion, loving-kindness and altruistic tendencies – therefore our brains are building new neurological circuits in our mind’s memory associated with purity of mind – and here is the bit that is more incredible than anything – All humanity came into this world by natural means – nature created us ‘all’ – nature is the source of all living here on earth and in our Universe. Nature is created only from pure elements. And to begin the communication with Divine energy we can only connect if we have internal purity within and that means purity of mind.

There is still a long way to go – we have only just begun to understand the enormous gifts that humanity has and how we can access these gifts to finally find the solutions for peace on earth and the discovery of the one great mystery that humanity has been seeking for thousands of years!

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