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Biodiversity – the connection between human species and all nature – Deforestation/Soil Depletion/Desertification & Global Warming

Biodiversity means the understanding that all humanity and all that relates to nature on our Earth are inter-connected – there is no separation!  The most unique feature of Earth is the existence of life and the most extraordinary feature of life is its diversity – Approximately 9 million types of plants/ animals/ protists and fungi inhabit the Earth and so too do 7 billion plus people – Over two decades ago at the first Earth Summit the vast majority of the worlds nations declared that human actions were dismantling the Earths ecosystems and eliminating genes/species and biological traits at an alarming rate – Once we begin to acknowledge this and that only nature has the ability to keep our human species alive we can then begin to study how! For example – if we have fertile soils we can grow healthy plants but if we spray our crops with harmful pesticides and not to mention herbicides – the pesticide and herbicide residues flow into our soils and rivers – Continuous amounts of pesticide and herbicide residues destroy all the good micro-organisms/mineral elements and nutrients that are needed in order for our soils to grow healthy crops/ vegetables and other foods  – If we destroy and diminish our soils we will eventually lead our soils to become infertile  – and just to make you aware of how important our fertile soils are to human life – Once we have destroyed the first few feet of fertile topsoils – a topsoil can never repairs itself  – Topsoil is the only soil that is able to grow and sustain healthy crops or vegetables –  infertile topsoils results in soil erosion and eventual desertification and in turn crop/vegetable and fruit failure leading to decrease in the human food chain – hunger and starvation! – similar scenario applies to our forests and trees – Our forests and trees are our human life-line – If we cut down our trees without replacing them we have lost the air we breath – All humans live on a gas called oxygen and every single cell in our bodies needs oxygen for energy – Our atmosphere is also full of another gas called carbon dioxide and large amounts of carbon dioxide is poisonous to humans but trees can absorb carbon dioxide through the air and into their leaves and trees use carbon dioxide as their food energy source –  Trees release back gases they don’t use through their leaves and that is the oxygen that we breath –  If we continue to create deforestation we are in effect killing the actual air we breath and therefore also increasing global warming – There are so many other important factors that we need trees for and just to make you aware of how important trees are to human life – Trees drop their leaves which decompose and turn into humus – All decomposed leaves (Humus) contains all the good micro-organisms/ mineral elements and good nutrients that create our fertile topsoils –  Therefore only trees have the ability to create fertile topsoils able to keep our crops and vegetables healthy – Our fertile topsoils are extremely delicate and very easily damaged by all synthetic chemical residues found in pesticides/insecticides/herbicides – Also take a moment to question also what these are doing to  health in the human food chain? – These are just a few of many examples of how biodiversity in nature is keeping our human species alive and healthy – If we break the chain in one of these links such as trees or our topsoils etc – our human life will begin to diminish and this is exactly what we are presently doing –  Begin by watching a few of the following documentaries to get a better idea of how important the inter-connectedness that our human species has with all Earths nature?
Tanzania TREE PLANTING PROJECT – Christopher/Envirocare is looking for a small amount of funding to support a huge 5.8 million tree planting in 4 regions in Tanzania – Focus Area: Rukwa, Iringa, Songwe and Mbeya regions, Tanzania
Project Title: Agroforestry, Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Livelihood Development
If you would like to fund this project you can contact Christopher on: Tel: +255 762 058 599 or Email:- Skype: christopher_simwinga
Soil Regeneration solutions for Arid & Semi-Arid growing conditions –  Vallerani System (VS) for the restoration and regreening of arid and semi-arid regions, food security, water harvesting, CO2 capture and the involvement of local populations. For more information click the video link to the right or go to the slides on Vallerina webpage
Vallerani System Srl Tel: +41 77 469 17 10 email:

Nature Conservation Protection Groups

In this section you will find Global Grass-Roots Nature Conservation Protection Groups – people who have set up Conservation projects through their own care and understanding of how biodiversity issues play an important role in all our lives. In other words – the seriousness of biodiversity and the importance of understanding that all humans and all that relates to nature on Earth are inter-connected there is no separation! And that currently humanity is destroying this connection!
Enkusero Sampu Conservancy has been set up by a small group of people who want to protect and conserve their land, habitat, wildlife and traditions – to honour and support these people please click on the website below and watch the video (right)
Nigerian Conservation Foundation & Lekki Bird Conservation Club
If you would like to join the Nigerian Conservation Foundation or the Lekki Bird Club please email Emmanuel at: or email:

Animal Rescue & Welfare Videos

Below are small documentaries created by all our Animal Rescue & Welfare and individual people who are working tirelessly for the protection of all vulnerable Animals all over the World – Our Community will be more than happy to include videos of your Non-Profit Association Communities/Volunteering/Amateur enthusiasts/Pet Lovers & other Peaceful Activists so please get in touch? 
People like Gaynor are the heroes of our Earth!
Gaynor does not use computers or emails so she has asked me to help her raise funds to help her feed all the stray cats in this Mediterranean town so please watch the video link below and donate on the community home page –  and DON’T FORGET to mention the name GAYNOR or other NAMED PEOPLE you wish to support? Or contact each non-profit direct? Your help and support is greatly needed for all our Established Earth Guardians so please get in touch?
Gaynor feeding hundreds of stray Cats in the Med! Gaynor is one of our Heroes of our Earth! If you would like to help Gaynor pay for medical bills and food for all the stray cats please donate on the home page and mention the name GAYNOR?
Amazing Nieske feeding hundred stray dogs! If you would like to help Nieske pay for medical bills and food or even help rehome these hundred beautiful loving and happy dogs please go direct to her facebook page: Stray Haven @cypruspawshomelessdogs Email: Nieske: Cyprus 96232855
If you are an established Earth Guardian and you would like to become part of our Earth Guardians Community please send me an email with your contact details and any videos you would like me to include? Check out our Community video here!
Colleen and Matt at Paws Dog Shelter in Cyprus really need your help with medical bills, food and rehoming for over 15o happy stray dogs found abandoned all over Cyprus. Watch the video  to discover all the wonderful work that these volunteers are doing for these loving dogs and please get in touch direct to help them? or Facebook: @PawsDogShelter or Email: mobile: Cyprus 99683775
John Orlandini AKA Johnny is an Animal Activist, Humanitarian,  Founder and CEO for Rescue 4 Redemption –  An Animal Activist non-profit – I have just watched John’s video (right) and can relate to all that he believes about animal suffering – he states “Our world is going through so much turmoil and the first one’s to suffer are animals!” Well done for speaking up for animals John! Our Earth-Education Community is proud of you – keep up the great work we really  need more people like you who share the passion for the protection of  animals! Radio interviews, magazine articles
Los Angeles, California

Marine Conservation


Marine sustainable biofuel Innovations

Marine Conservation Network & Sustainable pilot technology for Ocean Seaweed Farming: Linked-In Dr. Sulaiman Olanrewaju O. CEng, CMarEng

Local Communities protecting Nature

A  local group of nature lovers in Felixstowe, UK came up with a small idea how to educate to protect local wildlife by rewilding in Nature – watch the video (right) And please help support this small community by Liking/Sharing Community Nature’s Facebook page:  Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve

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