About this Community

The aim of this brand new Community is to find help and support for all altruistic Earth Guardians who are spending their time working tirelessly to protect and support all vulnerable Earth, Animal, Nature related Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Non-profit projects all over the World. And to present these Earth Guardians as Educators through Community videos, books, news, events and other social media. The bigger the Community grows the more awareness, help and support new members will receive. These are critical times! We cannot afford to remain separate, we must come together as a growing family in order to educate and protect all vulnerable within Earth’s Nature!

How to begin? If you are already an established Earth Guardian:-

•Send me an email with your contact details and a small video of your work or other social media to add to our Community website

•Join our established Earth Guardians Community to become a growing family and receive monthly newsletters where we will share news, events and stories etc.

•Like and share our Earth Guardians Community Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LucysEarth and https://twitter.com/EarthGardian @EarthGardian This will help me raise more fundraising attention for our members

•Help me raise funds? These are FREE Community and social media platforms to help support all Earth Guardians but I need help to keep this Community website progressively growing. You can become a sponsor, share or donate directly on our new Community website home page or follow the links below to an indiegogo/generosity fundraising platform.

I wish you all the success and support for all your individual Earth protection related endeavours and I look forward to you joining us in our brand new Earth Guardians growing family and Community – The more we share the more we care and the more our Earth-Education and protection grows!

Your Community Founder and Earth Guardian friend


Lucy Monk BSc (Hons)., MSc., D.I.C

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