Honouring and Supporting a new Generation of Earth Guardians 

These are critical times for all Earth related issues! The aim of our brand new Community is to teach environmental awareness through our Community of  established Earth Guardians by their values of; altruism, compassion and kindness for the protection of vulnerable animals, nature, climate and all Earth-related issues, including EACH OTHER and to teach these values mostly through video-interviews. Lack of these values are the underlying reasons that ALL biodiversity subjects such as; global warming, deforestation, soil depletion, desertification, Ocean’s plastics, Earth’s resource depletion, animal and human suffering and many other vulnerable and fragile earth-related issues exist on our Earth today – and as yet, only a handful of our Earth’s citizens have grasped the seriousness of Biodiversity and the importance of understanding that all humanity and all that relates to nature on our Earth are inter-connected – there is no separation! And that currently humanity is destroying this connection!

What makes an Earth Guardian? 

Already an Earth Guardian? 

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